Thursday, December 27, 2018

On Some Piece-of-Shit SJW Loser Contacting Patreon to Tell Them that Sargon of Akkad Had Voiced the N-Word 10 MONTHS AGO AND ON SOMEONE ELSE'S PLATFORM and Patreon Caving In to this Vile Form of Terrorism by Cancelling Sargon's Account and Thereby Impacting His Livelihood

We're rapidly becoming a nation of tattle-tales and church-ladies and, yes, it's almost entirely coming from the regressive-left as they continue to buffoonishly smother the country with these moronic purity tests of theirs (with Sargon by any sane standard being a centrist at most). Thankfully there does seem to be a huge pushback this time with independent voices like Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Tim Pool, Matt Christiansen, and Dave Rubin saying that they'll will be closing their Patreon accounts, too (while making other arrangements), an act that will impact Patreon's bottom-line and how nice will that be for a change, huh (the shoe most definitely being on the other foot this time)?

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