Wednesday, December 19, 2018

On the Hush Money Charge that's Been Leveled at Mr. Trump by a Litany of Slantheaded and Biased Buffoons at CNN and MSNBCPMSLSDLGBT

Yeah, it's referred to as a nondisclosure agreement and I'd be willing to bet that these shitty news networks have forced a great number of their former employees to sign one as well. Of course there probably is a great deal of hush money being thrown around in D.C. and if these networks were truly interested in exposing this misfeasance they might want to take a gander at that $17,000,000 slush fund that Congress has been using to put a lid on ITS sexual misconduct......but being that that might include a Democrat or three, they choose to focus entirely on Trump instead. Way to go, guys!

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