Monday, December 24, 2018

On the Fact that Senator McConnell Should Be Embarrassed Beyond All Human Comprehension for Sending President Trump a Budget with a $1.2 Trillion Deficit Affixed to it but Being that the Man Is Seemingly Incapable of Shame He Simply Continues Along with His Typical Retarded Antics

And the sad thing is that the Republicans have actually had some good leaders in the past; Hugh Scott, Bill Knowland, Everett Dirksen (his pomposity and support of the Vietnam War, aside), Howard Baker, Bob Dole, and, hell, even Trent Lott wasn't too bad (he and Tom Daschle actually functioned well together at times). If you're asking me here, the Republicans really need to get rid of this McConnell bozo and get somebody in there who can address this deficit problem in a substantive manner 'cause, trust me, it's only gonna get worse with him holding the reins. Much worse.

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