Monday, December 31, 2018

On the Fact that What the Barack Obamas, Van Joneses, and Jared Kushners of the World Have to Get Through Their Thick Noggins Is that a) the Vast Majority of People In Prison for Drug Possession Have Been Pleaded Down from Much More Serious Offenses and b) if We Were to Let These Folks Out Early it Could Potentially Put the Public In Grave Danger (with a Lot of Those Individuals at Risk Being Minorities)

The lack of critical thinking amongst those in power is quite astonishing at times and, yes, it appears that even Trump has now bought into this fairly tale (i.e., that the criminal justice system is biased against black folks and that we need to majorly overhaul it). Hopefully the politicians behind all of this social engineering ultimately pay a steep price for it down the road (as innocent people are bound to be gunned down as a result of these dumb policies) but being that they've skated this far, holding my breath, I'm not.

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