Wednesday, November 7, 2018

On CNN's Go-to Never-Trump Republican, S.E. Cupp, Trying to Convince the Network's Brain-Dead Audience that that Massive Wave of Humanity Heading Towards Our Border (Mostly In the Form of Well-Fed Fighting Age Young Men Who've Already Refused Asylum In Mexico) Isn't an Invasion but Rather a "Humanitarian Crisis"

It's pure bullshit in that a) these people don't deserve asylum in that they haven't been subject to political persecution, b) even if they were eligible for asylum, they're supposed to seek it in the first country that they arrive at (as opposed to shopping around for the best deal), and c) there are folks just as deserving as them who are attempting to immigrate legally and for this caravan to leapfrog them would be exceedingly unfair. Yes, I understand that everybody who works at CNN has virtue-signaling in their DNA but we're country where the rule of law is supposed to be important and with hundreds of millions of third-world people looking to make the West their home, yeah, maybe we need to proceed with a semblance of caution here, I'm just sayin'.

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