Saturday, August 25, 2018

On the View's Joy Behar (Perhaps the Dumbest of an Extremely Dumb Ensemble) Pointing to Denmark as an Example of Socialism Succeeding (as Opposed to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, Which Even She Must See as Terminal Basket-Cases)

How many times does this Denmark example need to be debunked? AGAIN, a) Denmark doesn't have a socialist economy but rather a mixed one (comparable to ours). b) Denmark actually scores higher on the Fraser and Heritage rankings of economic freedom than the U.S. does (less regulation, lower corporate tax rates, and freer trade being just three of their advantages). And c) While, yes, Denmark did have an experimentation with socialism, it was only possible because of the wealth that had been built up under capitalism AND once it started to crater, they deep-sixed a significant portion of it. Leftists, please, FIND ANOTHER EXAMPLE!!      

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