Saturday, August 18, 2018

On the Fact that the Left Has Demonized Trump Beyond All Human Comprehension and Has Since Become Petrified by the Very Image that They Themselves Have Created

Look, I get it. The guy can be a real shit-show. But let us not forget that his adversary for the office, Mrs. Clinton, smashed Libya to the point where they now have slave auctions and human organ trafficking, either pilfered or misplaced $10,000,000,000 from the Haiti relief efforts, exclusively implemented a private, unsecured server to communicate top-secret material, proposed a no-fly-zone over Syria that could have potentially ignited a cataclysmic war with Russia, participated in an illegal coup in Ukraine that brought to the fore a group of neo-Nazis, threatened the Iranians with a nuclear strike, etc., etc. and, so, yeah, she was pretty scary, too - for the record.

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