Monday, August 6, 2018

On Black Conservative, Candace Owens, Getting Accosted In a Diner by a Pack of Eight or Nine (All White) Antifa Mouth-Breathers and Later Being Aided by a Group of Police Officers, Every One of Which Was Black or Hispanic

Note to the Democrats - NOT GREAT OPTICS!! But seriously, though, can you imagine if this had been a group of alt-right bozos accosting a black liberal? Fucking Maddow would have run with the footage for multiple weeks, extrapolated it to tarnish all conservatives, and in her stock-phrased paranoid fashion tied the whole fucking thing to Trump...….And when are the Democrats going to be asked to "disavow" this foolishness (you know, like Trump was asked to disavow David Duke 80 zillion times)? Soon, I'm hoping. 

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