Thursday, June 14, 2018

On the Flying Cheetahs

These brave South African fighter pilots were amongst the most skilled on the planet and their contributions during the Korean War cannot be overestimated. Here is just how one of their numerous U.S. Marine citations reads - "We were catching all hell because of an overwhelming Gook (an unfortunate term, granted) counter-attack. The tide of battle was leaving casualties in its wake like seashells cast upon a beach. It was then we saw four silvery streaks plummet from the skies with guns blazing. It was so wondrous a sight we completely forgot our whereabouts or line and just stood up in our foxholes and cheered. The Hall of Fame does not possess any greater men than those who flew that day."......Please, do me a favor. The next time that some slantheaded fool in the media tries to sour you on the Afrikaners while placing endless praise on the pinko, Saint Mandela, take a few minutes and remember this......for perspective.

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