Saturday, June 16, 2018

On the Fact that While it Wasn't a Perfect Solution (the Lack of Contiguousness, Especially), the 1913 Land Act In South Africa Gave to the Various Black Tribes Some of the Most Fertile, Beautiful, and Resource-Rich Land On the African Continent (Bophutatswana, for Instance, Having a Large Chunk of the World's Platinum Production) that Could Have Conceivably Been Converted Into Agricultural, Mining, and Tourism Meccas but, alas, it Wasn't to Be

Of course, a lot of the anti-Boer critics out there love to point out that the amount of land that was afforded to the blacks was less than 10% of the total area of South Africa, but what these people fail to understand is that a) a major chunk of South Africa gets minimal rainfall which makes it extremely difficult to farm and raise cattle on, b) Prime Minister Verwoerd was more than willing to construct factories on the border of these territories so that the blacks could be employed while they were building up their own countries, and c) the land that was given to the blacks was where their tribes had historically resided AND WHERE THEY WISHED TO BE...….I mean, I know that these facts smash the narrative of blacks being purely the victims in South Africa and all but when you take the time to go back to the early history (the works of John Bird, Noel Mostert, John Centlivres Chase, George McCall Theal, W.C. Holden, etc.), countless original sources (the Cape Archives, the writings of missionaries, etc.), and some of the lesser reconstructed recent writings (i.e., those of Ilana Mercer, Dan Roodt, Harry Booyens, Cuan Elgin, etc.), you'll see that the truth is murky at best......and that if there were bad white men, they were British and not Afrikaners.

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