Thursday, June 7, 2018

On the Fact that if You Were Ever to Ask the Average SJW College Student What Was Currently a More Pressing Problem In the World, Microaggressions and the Need for Safe Spaces or the Cholera Epidemic In Yemen, I Bet that They'd Say the Former......Because They Probably Couldn't Find Yemen On the Map, Wouldn't Know What the Hell Cholera Was, and Have Been so Brain-Washed Into this Nonsensical Paradigm of Cultural Marxism, Postmodernism, and Intersectional Feminism that They Spew this Type of Base and Foolish Drivel the Same Way that a Coyote Shits In the Woods, Indiscriminately

And even if they did understand the question, they'd still probably select the former because if they were to do otherwise they would then have to admit that it was Obama and Clinton who armed Saudi Arabia and helped to create this catastrophe and they're simply ill-equipped to do that. The schmucks. 

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