Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On this Romanticized and Thoroughly Debunked Notion of SJWs that Black Africans Had Been Free Prior to Being Sold to European Slave-Traders (by African Slavers) and that if They Had Only Been Allowed to Stay in Africa Their Lot and the Lot of Their Offspring Would Have Been so Much Better

Yeah, it's total bullshit. a) Every black that was sold off to European (Spanish, Portuguese, and British for the most part) slavers already was a slave and if they hadn't come to the Americas they would have continued to be slaves in Africa and probably worked to death and b) the ancestors of North American slaves are exponentially better off than the ancestors of African slaves in virtually every category conceivable (income, wealth, life expectancy, etc.). Yes, slavery was a problematic institution but we really need to look at the entire picture here and stop lambasting white Europeans exclusively for what was literally a human and world-wide problem. 

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