Monday, July 10, 2017

On the Fact that We Now Know with Relative Certainty (Through the Venona File, Kremlin Archives, F.B.I. Dossiers, Sworn Testimony from Credible Witnesses, etc.) that Solomon Adler, Cedric Belfrage, T.A. Bisson, V. Frank Coe, Lauchlin Currie, Harold Glasser, David Karr, Mary Jane Keeney, Leonard Mins, Franz Neumann, and Countless Others Whose Lives Were Supposedly Ruined by Joe McCarthy In Fact WERE Communist Flunkies and Collaborators

And yet leftist historians and the incurious political elite continue to paint Mr. McCarthy as this drunken, paranoid, demagogic, tyrannical, and reckless buffoon who went around randomly accusing folks of treason. Cartoonishly, in other words.   

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