Monday, July 24, 2017

On the Fact that at the Same Time that the U.S.A. and Europe Were Denigrating Germany for Reclaiming Danzig (a Predominantly German-Speaking City that Was Being Persecuted by Polish Thugs), Britain, France, and the Netherlands Were Ruling Over More than a Third of the Earth's Surface with No Criticism from the West Forthcoming

 I really want that to sink in with you; the fact that the West stated a war which killed 60,000,000 folks and it was based on total hypocrisy and bullshit, WHO GETS TO BE MASTER!!!............And then of course after the war they created this idiotic mythology of Hitler as the devil because it was the only way to justify starting a war to liberate Poland and having Poland not liberated but enslaved by the Soviets. Cover your ass, allies, cover your ass!! 

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