Friday, July 8, 2016

On the Fact that Wherever East-Asian and Ashkenazi Jews Migrate, They Almost Invariably Outperform the Indigenous Population When it Comes to Education and Economic Performance - this Despite the Fact that They Are Frequently Discriminated Against

This is a very inconvenient fact for the SJWs to deal with (minorities doing well despite the fact that they have little political power and are often quite destitute to begin with) and so they usually tend not to. They especially ignore the fact that these two groups consistently outperform WASPs when it comes to IQ tests and that this blows away their entire leftist notion that these tests are 100% biased.......Of course the even more thermo-nuclear question here is how much of this superior performance by Jews and East-Asians is cultural and how much of it is genetic; an inquiry that Mr.s Obama and Holder just might find a little TOO honest.

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