Sunday, July 24, 2016

On the Claim of Ndlambe, the Treacherous Leader of the amaRharhabe Tribe, that the Afrikaners Had Traded the Suuveld to Him for a Herd of Oxen (this After He Had Already Claimed to Have Won it in a War)

It's pure bullshit (for a less succinct synopsis I refer you to "Ama Bhulu" by Harry Booyens and pretty much anything by George McCall Theal; a man who wrote prior to political correctness gone wild) and can we please put an end to this whole concept of the "noble savage"? Yeah, there may have been some people in the history of the world that you could label that but the Ba'Ntu were hardly amongst them in that they were dishonest, vile, and murderous to the point of genocidal (just ask the San Bushman and the Afrikaner farmers). I mean, I understand that as history has "progressed" we like to romanticize primitive peoples and all but to me that is much more politics than history and enough already. 

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