Wednesday, June 29, 2016

On the Fact that I Actually Watched Chris Hayes for Several Minutes Interview Some Equally Partisan and Obnoxious Buffoon from Media Matters the Other Night but Promptly Had to Turn the Channel When These Two Pseudo-Intellectual Douche-Bags Started Spinning Faster than Ann Miller and Janet Leigh in "Two Tickets to Broadway" in What Was Obviously a Pitiful Attempt to Defend the Repugnant Mrs. Clinton

Do these people (and, yes, I would put Hannity in this class, too) simply not realize how idiotic and transparent that they look? I mean, I understand that they're aiming at a specific audience and all but I would tell 'em straight up that if their goal is to persuade the undecided, this 1970s pro wrestling good versus evil silliness ain't gonna do it. It's not.

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