Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On the Fact that Critical Reflection Has Seemingly Exited the Academy, the Media, and Most Especially the Political Class and that Because of this, Even the Patently Obvious (i.e., that Keynesianism Has NEVER Worked, that Lincoln Wasn't Motivated by Humanitarianism but by Greed and Cronyism, that the Relationship Between CO2 and Atmospheric Warming is Small AT BEST, that Affirmative Action Policies Hurt Minorities More than They Help Them, that WW2 Was Just as Unnecessary as Every Other Stupid-Assed Piece of Shit Conflict, etc.) Has Now Become Ignored, Denied, and Stifled and the Dissenters Ostracized

Yeah, it's not gonna take an invasion to ruin this country in that the progressive indoctrinated matrix delusion has pretty much sunk the place already. I mean, just take a look around. 

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