Saturday, May 2, 2015

On Pronouncing People Guilty Prior to Having All the Evidence

It is only something that a sick, idiotic, ineducable, and ill-informed asshole would do. Yes, those cops in Baltimore (three of whom are black, btw) quite possibly did something wrong but not everybody who gets indicted is guilty (just ask the ham sandwich) and that's why we have a trial and refrain from shooting people on a whim a la Lenin, Stalin, Hussein, al Qaeda, etc..


dmarks said...

Not sure who has pronounced them guilty? This can only happen in a court of law. That's the only place where such a pronouncement can happen, along with the legal criminal sanction.

Or do you mean someone saying that someone is guilty of something? Which is protected speech.

Regardless, what those cops did looks really horrible, and I have no problem saying stuff about them.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm talking about idiots like wd and of course he has a right to say it. My only point is that when it comes to people's reputations it's probably a good thing to be open-minded and this is especially true if you're in the media and possibly tainting the jury pool.