Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On Bill O'Reilly Constantly Telling Us that Marijuana Lowers IQ

Kind of like his program, eh folks?


Rational Nation USA said...

Hannity is equally as bad or WORSE as far as as IQ lowering potential goes.

dmarks said...

I used to have such arguments, Will. Just as I used to side with the gun control side. Reason cured both stances.

O'Reilly's views are dopy.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Oh, Hannity is much, much worse (Billo being more of a dweeb).......Yeah, I've kind of flipped on those 2 issues, too, dmarks (at the very least we should decriminalize marijuana).

dmarks said...

Will: What is the reasonable view on marijuana abuse by minors? Should that be decriminalized as well?

(Having in mind the Trayvon Martin, a minor, quite addled and doped up when he attempted to murder a trigger happy hothead. Big mistake. but those who intentionally damage their brains for fun make those).