Friday, May 1, 2015

A Modest Attempt to Ameliorate the Lisa Versus Shaw Donnybrook

Two things need to happen. a) Lisa needs to apologize for not taking the offensive comment down quicker and b) Shaw needs to accept the apology, realize that it wasn't Lisa who made the comment, and at least consider the possibility that Lisa didn't take the comment down earlier not because she agreed with the sentiments but because she doesn't like to sensor her blog. Yes, it's a simple strategy but one that could work, I believe.


Rational Nation USA said...

No Will, it will NOT work.

A) Lisa approves of the offensive sentiments and really has NO moral compass that guides her judgement on ethical matters.

B) Leopards can't change their spots and in this case Lisa has proved time and again she can't either.

Shaw, if Lisa apologized, might consider accept her apology. Personally, I can't see why she would or should. If it were me I surely wouldn't.

The Stench Trench is a cesspool of liars, racists, pornographers, delusional fools, and jackasses. It personifies every single thing that is wrong with the rightwing.

Rational Nation USA said...

PS: Lisa's Stench Trench makes Dervish Sanders a mild irritant by comparison.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Shaw doesn't have a moral compass, either. She rails against the shit that's been said about Obama but does a total disappearing act when Bill Burton blames Romney for some lady's cancer death, Stephanie Cutter calls Romney a felon, and Harry Reid said that the guy didn't pay taxes for 10 years!!!!......And she's a pompous ass in addition to being a shameless partisan.

Rational Nation USA said...

My reply, she admits to being partisan. She also always supplies links. You can disagree all you want, and Shaw and I have, but she has credibility. Lisa has NONE.