Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Rich Leeches and Sour Grapes

The vast majority of people in the top 1% achieved this position honestly and through hard work (6-8 years of college, lengthy internships when it comes to physicians, and 60-80 hour work-weeks), and they also pay the largest chuck of federal taxes. Are there a few bad actors in the bunch? Of course there are. But come on here; leeches, the wholesale and collective tarring of them, etc.?


D. Luthor said...

It is the jealousy and greed of those who do crappy work and excel only in sophisticated whining and begging; against those who excel at what they do.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

wd went on a months long jihad against the top 1% (more than 50% of who are out of it within a decade - to counter those like wd who think that this is somehow a static category). When I informed him that there was just as much variability with this group as there is between it and the 99%, and that there were very few of its member having anything whatsoever to do with Wall Street, that's when he started with this whole plutocratic gibberish (eventually morphing into "rich leeches"). God only knows what will come out of him next.

D. Luthor said...

Welfare queens... now those are rich leeches.

WD's so called "plutocrats"? It is hard to recall at time he has used this term appropriately. He has repeatedly used it to refer to mom-and-pop store operators.