Saturday, December 24, 2011

College Football Tidbits 1

1) Finally some decent news for beleaguered Maryland football coach, Randy Edsall. The fellow actually struck it rich on the recruiting trail this week. Abner Logan (the 24th best outside linebacking prospect in the country/3rd best prospect overall from the state of Massachusetts), in a move that fully surprised everybody, said NO to N.C. State and verbally committed to Maryland. It was a humongous get for Mr. Edsall and it apparently gave him some major mojo, too....Yeah, you got, it later in the week, he landed yet another bell-wringer. Dallas Griffiths (an awesome name for a baller, no?), a heat-seeking missile of a linebacker out of Tallahassee Florida, also committed to Maryland. Two major gets in one week. Maybe Randy Edsall CAN recruit after all.............2) Looking for a sleeper for next year's Heisman Trophy race? You just might want to take a look at T.C.U. quarterback, Casey Pachall (pronounced Paul-Hall)? The dude (who'll only be a junior next season), in what was only his first year as a starter, was absolutely sensational this year. He ended up passing for 2,921 yards (a 66.5 completion percentage), 25 touchdowns, and only 7 interceptions. He also led the Horned Frogs to an 11-2 record, a Mountain West Conference championship, and, YES SIR, even a victory over Boise State, AT BOISE (the frigging Broncos hardly ever lose at home). If Mr. Pachall can duplicate these accomplishments next year, don't be surprised to see him in New York City next January.


w-dervish said...

The "Horned Frogs"? You had me going until then. Although I'm not so sure about this "Dallas Griffiths" and that being an awesome name for a "baller" either. "Baller"??

I've never heard football players called that. Most sports do use balls, you know. Are basketball and baseball players also called "ballers"?

w-dervish said...

Abner? Someone's parent named their kid "Abner"? I'm not buying that either.