Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things, The Popularity of Which, I Cannot Fathom

The National Hockey League, Kiss (heavy-metal, in general, but especially Kiss), ALL reality television, advocacy journalism (actually, I understand it - I just don't like it), "Sex and the City", NASCAR, Hip-Hop, vampires, Vin Diesel, female pop power singers, metrosexuality, Hermann Hesse, Facebook, Twitter, the British Royal Family, Rob Schneider, Taco Bell, Wii, slurpees, Budweiser, texting, Maya Angelou, "Grey's Anatomy", lobster, Dom Perignon, "Star Trek", Jerry Springer/Maury Povich, French cuisine, the act of putting ketchup on a hot-dog, expensive vodkas, video games, Domino's Pizza (I don't care if they deliver), Starbuck's, pop-country (give me some Gram Parsons, Steve Earle, or Patty Griffin any day), "The View", "Pirates of the Caribbean", political heroes, Vladimir Nabokov, "The Naked Lunch", Drew Barrymore, Porsches (I'd rather have an Alfa Romeo and lots of cash), the "Scream" movie, "Shrek", professional wrestling in its current state (the older stuff, that's a different story), "Forrest Gump" anal sex, energy drinks, hard-core partisan politics, flash-mobs, Will Ferrell, anything Osmond, the University of Notre Dame, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", motivational speakers, body-language experts, Corona, gold teeth, Barry Manilow, Hot Pockets, "Brothers and Sisters", Jagermeister, unnatural hair colors/dye-jobs......To Be Continued


Beach Bum said...

"Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Forrest Gump,
Corona, The Naked Lunch"

Dude!?!?!?! You've got to be kidding.

Just for the crack alone about "Pirates" I would maroon you on an island of lonely and very partisan metrosexuals addicted to "The View" and Barry Manilow.

Anonymous said...

May I add:


Anonymous said... the way, "Forrest Gump" anal sex made me laugh aloud.

"I'm not a smart man Jenny, but I know what sodomy is!"


The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

Things, The Popularity of Which, I CAN Fathom (because I am also a fan)...

Advocacy journalism, Barry Manilow, Forrest Gump, pop-country (no problem with it, except perhaps if it has a backbeat... why does EVERY song have to have a backbeat?), "Pirates of the Caribbean", political heroes, Shrek...

Things, The Popularity of Which, I Can't Understand the Level of (These things are OK, nothing more)...

The Scream movies, Sex and the City, Star Trek, Teenage vampires (real vampire movies can be quite cool), The View (I just don't have the time to watch it, otherwise I might be a fan), Will Ferrell (there have been some movies he has been OK in), video games.

Things, The Popularity of Which, I am Indiffernet to (I don't care one way or the other)...

Anything Osmond, Body-language experts, Brothers and Sisters, Budweiser, Corona, Energy drinks, Expensive vodkas, Facebook, Female pop power singers, Flash-mobs, French cuisine, Gold teeth, Grey's Anatomy, Hot Pockets, Jagermeister, Jerry Springer/Maury Povich (Jerry Springer did a decent show when he was on Air America), Maya Angelou, Metrosexuality, Motivational speakers, Rob Schneider, Slurpees, Texting, Twitter, University of Notre Dame, Vin Diesel, Wii.

Things, The Popularity of Which, I Cannot Fathom...

Political Moderation, Republicanism, Ayn Rand and Objectivism, The National Football League or any other organized/Televised sport, Heavy-metal in general, Most reality television, The British Royal Family, Starbuck's, Professional wrestling in its current or former state.

ecc102: ...but I know what sodomy is!

So... what are you saying? That you're a homophobe?

Anonymous said...


LOL! I can quite assure you, w-d, that I am far from scared of a buncha guys who dress like women and prefer to be sexually penetrated like women! LOL!

Why did you jump to the homosexual issue when you saw the word "sodomy"? Sodomy is anal sex. Period. You are guilty, perhaps, of suffering from some deep-seated Sunday School teaching about Sodom? Why does sodomy have to be a homosexual thing?

You're the homophobe, w-d.

Now off with you. Isn't it time for your meds?

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

You know you're dealing with a real Republican when he "refutes" your argument by suggesting you're "off your meds". ad hominem and strawmen are their forte.

ecc102, you're the one who zeroed in on "anal sex" from Will's list. As to whether or not you are a homophobe? Your last response answered my question (the answer is YES).

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I used to promote professional wrestling matches Will. it was a great educational experience and I wish I'd stuck with it.

Other than that, there's an orifice for everything somebody wants to insert into one. it's a subject better left alone.

Anonymous said...


Will said you would seek to label me.

Let's see...
I don't like homosexuality: HOMOPHOBE

I don't like Barack Obama: RACIST

I don't like Nancy Pelosi: MISOGYNIST

I don't care for government that strays from the Constitution: RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST

I think we need to enforce our laws against illegal immigration: NATIONALIST

Am I missing any, w-d?

Oh, and if you had it in you to research me and actually read my blog, you would see I am no Republican. I'm a small "r" republican. Big difference.

IrOnY RaGeD said...


I believe Tim Wilson said it best...

IrOnY RaGeD said...

On the other hand,

how could you not like Janet Gardner?

dmarks said...

Well Ferrell single-handedly destroyed one of my favorite science-fiction franchises. I will never forgive him.

But he was pretty good in "Megamind". Excellent there, really.

Great post. thanks for thinking of these things. And WD's detailed comment was grear too.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

ecc102: Will said you would seek to label me.

Looks to me like you're labeling yourself. All I know is that you're a homophobe. I don't know you well enough/haven't read enough of your comments to make a judgment on the other "labels" you've applied to yourself. All I can say is that you'd know better then me... so if you say you are those things... I'll take your word for it.

But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if your description of yourself was entirely accurate.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Double b, I like some of the other stuff by Burroughs ("Queer" and "Junky", especially) but "The Naked Lunch" was WAY too weird even for me. I also had a feeling that you were going to hammer me on Corona. I just think that it's grossly overpriced and, with so many kickass microbreweries in the U.S. of A., why not buy American?............ecc102, you can fully rest assured that MSNBC was flat-out included in my "advocacy journalism" category. Ed Schultz - that guy is nuts!!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Kudos, Volt. Finally a "hair band" worthy of the brand. LOL

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And, just for the record, I wasn't referring to homosexuality when I included "anal sex". It was more of a slap at guys like Howard Stern for their constantly referencing it. That's all.

Marcus said...

Sorry Will. I love energy drinks...couldn't do my chess matches without them. (BTW We play the UConn Chess club tonight...They have 2 grandmasters, a master and several experts.) As far as Vodka goes: I'm not saying ya gotta buy Bellvedere...but come on dude...that stuff you drink is like lighter a mixed drink its watered down lighter fluid! lol

Rusty Shackelford said...

Ahhhh vodka,now you're in Rusty's wheelhouse.

Forget that Bellvedere French swill american,there are many excellent boutique american made vodkas.

Allow me to recommend just two I've found to be very drinkable.

1) Koenig Vodka made from potato's in Idaho.

2) Tito's Handmade Vodka,made from corn in Austin Texas.

Both have web sites.

Marcus said...

Actually Russ, I don't drink Vodka often...I prefer Bourbon. The best Vodkas I tasted were actually Polish but I have heard of the ones you mention...Will likes the cheap stuff so I guess its OK if you are doing mixed drinks as opposed to Martinis.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Correction, Marcus, I dink the cheapEST stuff. LOL

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Kudos, Rusty. Buy American when you can. I'm drinking a Busch Light as we speak!

John Myste said...

Taco Bell, Start Trek and Starbucks should be omitted from your list.

However, the list was pretty good. I agree with most of it.

I notice Ecc put MSNBC, put not FOX, even has he disavows FOX affiliation on other sites.

Anonymous said...

John, John, John...

So, by your infantile rationale, by my putting MSNBC as something that sucks is an automatic endorsement of FOX News?

What are you doing on the computer, anyways? Didn't I tell you to get back on the corner and make me some money? Go on now, git. Your Pimp Daddy needs a new shotgun.

John Myste said...


Do you like FOX News? Why or why not?

Anonymous said...

John Myste,

Since you asked a normal, straightforward question, you should receive a normal, straightforward answer.

For my information gathering, I use MSNBC, FOX News, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Drudge Report, Red State, The Other McCain, and some smaller news-related outlets.

So, do I "like" FOX News? Hmm. It serves a purpose. Nothing more, nothing less. I prefer the news I read from the Conservative Network I am in. I have found that it is in the smaller "Mom and Pop" blogs a person can read the news unfiltered and uncensored. And I say that in reference to not only Conservative blogs, but also liberal blogs.

Now, understand, John Myste, that I answered your query without snark or sarcasm. Do not fail to reciprocate.

John Myste said...


Now, understand, John Myste, that I answered your query without snark or sarcasm. Do not fail to reciprocate.

I reciprocated in advance, anticipating your generous circumlocution.

You added MSNBC to this of things whose popularity you cannot fathom, and then said how you use it and it has its purpose, the same thing you said of FOX. You contribute to the popularity that is beyond your ability to fathom. Though you describe FOX and MSNBC identically in your generous comprehensive response to my question, you have one on the intolerable list and not the other.

I have found that it is in the smaller "Mom and Pop" blogs a person can read the news unfiltered and uncensored.

Yes, blogs are known for their journalistic integrity.

And I still don't know if you like FOX. Do you trust FOX? I don't know. It has its purpose, just like MSNBC, which you find grossly too popular, though it is far less popular than FOX that has the same purpose, but does not make your list.

It is funny that FOX is the most watched network out there, but conservatives are typically embarrassed to admit they like it. They hem and haw whenever the question is in audible range. I wonder why that is?

I am not suggesting that you do this. Your answer very clearly stated your affinity or lack of it for FOX.

Anonymous said...

John Myste,

Okay then. I do not understand MSNBC's popularity or why people would choose to watch it, and I will say the same for FOX News.

I will concede that.

They are both enigmas to me, but they do both serve their purposes for me.

I fully understand the concept that FOX News is normally considered the "conservative talking point station". Of course it is. When the majority of your on-air personalities lean to the Right, this is a fair and balanced assessment.

Also, of course, MSNBC has an avowed Socialist on-air in the person of Lawrence O'Donnell, and their on-air personalities aren't exactly non-leftists.

John Myste said...

O'Donnell is a little socialistic. He is also a capitalist. Ah well. He is just like Reagan, I suppose.

IrOnY RaGeD said...


I'm a conservative who isn't afraid to admit that I watch FOX news.

Their "hard news" people during the day are some of the best in the business and live up to their "fair and balanced" moniker by and large. Shep Smith does have his occaisional liberal break down, like during Katrina but he's mostly ok too.

Now I will admit their primetime opinion shows do lean right. I'm not sure why though, with the exception of Sean Hannity, whom I think is a hypocrite. Greta has liberal leanings or did until she left CNN and O'Reilly is more of a populist than partisan. I do watch the factor on TV but when when he was on the radio I couldn't stand him.

Does that help?

John Myste said...

I'm a conservative who isn't afraid to admit that I watch FOX news.

Shameful. Just shameful. I watch it sometimes too, but from my closet. If they changed the title to FOX Nonsense, I could enjoy it more. The misnomer bothers me a bit.

dmarks said...

Voltron said: "O'Reilly is more of a populist than partisan."

His partisanship is proven when he usually turns his microphone over to strong conservatives when he needs a guest host.

dmarks said...

"If they changed the title to FOX Nonsense,"

I never quite understand those who can't use the proper name of this news channel.

It's just like those who called CNN "Clinton News Network".

I'm usually able to call a news organization by its proper name without having to act like a 3rd grader on the playground, whether or not I agree or disagree with their editorial bias.

John Myste said...


I consider how you refer to political organizations like FOX to be quite trivial, but thanks for the data. If I am ever on Blogger Jeopardy, it may come in handy.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'll admit it. I hate Fox (Shepard Smith, Ed Henry, Carl Cameron, and Harris Faulker excepted), and I hate MSNBC (Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Alex Witt, and Chris Jansing excepted). But I watch both of them more than I do CNN, which I respect (I don't consider it a liberal bastion anymore). Go figure, huh?......Perhaps it's the freak-show aspect.

dmarks said...

John: They are all political organizations. I merely insist on accuracy.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

dmarks, you refer to unions as "political organizations", when that isn't entirely accurate. Their first job is representing workers (regardless of whether the worker votes D or R).

Part of that job is getting public officials elected who are on the side of workers... but their FIRST job is representing employees in the workplace... I would not call unions "political organizations". I would call them "worker organizations".

But I suspect dmarks will disagree... given all the nonsense he spews about workers being "forced" to join and 90 percent of workers saying "union no" (a figure he surely pulled out of his ass).

dmarks said...

"Political organiations" is accurate, but it is not the entire story, I know. While unions engage extensively in partisan politics (nothing to do with collective bargaining) without regards to the wishes of workers who are forced to join, they also do other things, I know.

"Part of that job is getting public officials elected who are on the side of workers"

And this deeply divides workers. If the workers are so split on this, why not let each worker choose whether to give campaign funds?

"But I suspect dmarks will disagree..."

Well, they are organizations for workers the same way that KFC is a restaurant for chickens.

"given all the nonsense he spews about workers being forced to join and 90 percent of workers saying "union no" (a figure he surely pulled out of his ass)."

What nonsense? This is entirely factual. In Michigan, and the rest of the closed-shop states, workers who are in unions are for the most part forced to join. This is a fact. Care to try to refute it?

As for the 90%, I admit I might be off by a couple of percentages points. But that is factual too.

I don't get the numbers from my ass, but instead from President Obama. His own Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"In 2010, the union membership rate--the percent of wage and salary workers who were
members of a union--was 11.9 percent".

The reason the numbers are probably a lot lower (and the % of workers who say union no a lot higher) is that a large proportion of the 11.9% who are in unions are in unions against their will.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Unions protect SOME workers. If you're a 30 year veteran making obscene amounts of money, then, yeah, they'll protect you. If, however, you're a newer worker, they'll cut you loose in the blink of an eye.......Yes, I have experience.