Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Classy Act(or)/Dancer

Fred Astaire - now there, folks, was a classy guy with soul. Do you remember that scene from "The Band Wagon"; the one in which he and the Cyd Charisse character first danced together? It was back when they were walking through the park and found that open area....Yeah, well, get this. During that same scene, director, Vincente Minnelli, noticed that Fred was struggling (emotionally) with a certain move. When he asked him what was wrong, Mr. Astaire responded by saying, "I can't do it that way. I did it that way with Ginger in 1941." When Mr. Minnelli responded to that with, "Fred, it's just a little move. Nobody'll notice", Astaire persisted, "No, I've got to do it a little bit different." And, so he did, preserving that old memory with Ginger and, yes, creating an entirely new and different one with Cyd.

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