Friday, October 8, 2010

Miscellaneous 31

1) Mr. (Lou) Dobbs has evidently never taken a course in damage control. I mean, think about it here. All that the guy really had to say was, "Yes, I really should have been more diligent, asked a lot more questions pertaining to legal status, etc..", and it would have been solid. Not that it would have silenced every critic, mind you, but it certainly would have satisfied some of them out there. This, I'm saying, as compared to the stonewalling and boorishness.......2) Alright, having said that, I actually DO have a little sympathy for Dobbs. The dude a) lives in California and b) wants to hire a landscaping firm. The odds of him finding a contractor that DOESN'T have at least one undocumented worker is literally nil. It's kind of too bad that he didn't think it through - you know, before he started to - you know..........3) Politics has literally gotten so objectionable to me that I am now basing a lot of my viewing strictly on the C.F.; the Chick Factor. At 7 (P.M.), for example, I'm now mostly watching John King - not, mind you, because Mr. King is a top notch and fair-minded journalist (which, yes, he obviously is) but because he almost always has one of my favorite news hotties, Jessica Yellin, on. Am I totally proud of this? No, not really. But it is what it is.

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