Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 10 Mickey Rourke Lines (Replete With Setup Lines) From "Barfly"

10) "Nothin' but dumb luck." "Yeah, but that counts, too!!".....9) "What's that, Henry?" "Ah, it's hatred!! It's the only thing that lasts.".....8) "What are we going to do about us?" "Us? Us is gonna drink!!".....7) "Who are you?" "Ah, the eternal question. The eternal answer - I don't know!!".....6) "Girls, girls, come on. There's no....there's no reality to any of this. Let's have some drinks, listen to some jukebox music.".....5) "Henry, come on, let's get a couple of hamburgers." "NO, I want a steak....soaked in whiskey!!".....4) "I had the flu the last time I fought you." "Oh, what's it gonna be next time, the AIDS?!!".....3) "Why did it have to be Eddie? He symbolizes everything that disgusts me; obviousness, unoriginal macho energy, ladies man!!".....2) "Are you Henry Jenasky?" "NO, I'm Leon Spinks!!".....1) "Eddie, your mother! She smells like carpet cleaner!!"


Oso said...

I would put at # 11 "every single thing that happened in Pope of Greenwich Village".

Rustyridesagain said...

I'm on board with Oso.I grew up with guys like Paulie and Charlie in Pope of Greenwich Village.That was Mickey at his best.
Best line,Eric Roberts (over the top,)......"I put lye in his coffee!" Great movie.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I haven't seen that one yet. It sounds like I might have to put it on my to-do list. Thank you, gentlemen.