Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Only Thing We Really Have to Fear....

Frank (Henry Fonda's character in "Once Upon a Time in the West"), when asked why, rather than simply scaring the people, as he was asked to do, he decided to kill them instead, responded first by uttering, "People scare better when they're dying"....and then, me-buckos, by killing, additional killing. Of course, it wasn't until those last few "utterances" from Frank himself (this, after his finally getting plugged by Mr. Bronson) that it/the truth of his theory here, truly blasted him, and the rest of 'em, home. And, yes, by then, it was way too late even for irony.

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Beach Bum said...

This is a good one post that makes you think. I have heard it said that fears are far easier to manipulate than a recognized danger. People tend to resist danger and overcome it but even real fears can be molded into all sorts of perceived threats.

The human animal is bizarre creature.