Friday, May 14, 2010

Playing Politics With Dead People's Lives, Anyone?

According to Charles Krauthammer, the blame for the Fort Hood shootings can be squarely placed at the door-stop of President Obama. Not AT ALL to be outdone by this, Olbermann counters by painstakingly pointing out that the anthrax scare took place under the Bush administration. In the famous words of Sonny and Cher, 1965, "the beat goes on"....and on....and on....


Beach Bum said...

I have plans for a fallout shelter, with the stupidity and crap being flung I figure nuke missiles can't be far away.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

People like me are actually a big part of the problem, double b. This, in that, yeah, we watch......And then there's poor Anderson Cooper - who's actually trying to do some real news - AND NOBODY'S WATCHING!

Beach Bum said...

Do not feel bad Will, several years ago I saw a sci-fi story of Ray Bradbury's made into a Twilight Zone-like episode for a series that has long since disappeared.

In short a modern day super-genius supposedly builds a time machine and goes into the future finding out we solved all of our problems, goes back to the present and tell everyone which causes the nation and world to pull their heads out their asses and actually make it happen.

Trouble is the super-genius faked the time traveling trip and when the actual date of his trip is about occur with his aerial high-speed fly over of a peaceful and clean world he has setup a way to fake that but changes his mind. He tells a reporter that he faked the trip because he saw that NO ONE wanted to solve anything, they were content to more or less to continue to wrestle in the mud and bitch. Power bases and keeping wounds open were more important that solving problems.

Will I think that is about where we are right now, very few want to solve anything. Its far too easy to call each other names and paint the other side as evil and out to destroy what you hold dear. Keeping a group pissed off allows the leaders in that group to hold onto the power that which is all they really hold dear.

Both sides do it and I really don't see it changing until it almost too late.