Friday, August 10, 2007

Politics Superceding Principle, Yet Again

I'm not sure you're aware, either, Bill, that the International Association of Fire-fighters has come out, strenuously, against Giuliani. Specifically, it appears that this tough-on-crime, tough-on-terrorism hero of yours (I gather, in that you've never to my knowledge criticized the fellow - ever!), in the eight years following the first WTC attack, never, despite constant prodding by the NYFD, took the initiative to get the cops and fire-fighters on the same radio frequency. And because of this, apparently, a lot of fire-fighters lost their lives unnecessarily. Kind of a damning indictment, in other words, and, yeah, maybe it's one that even your viewers might be needing to hear. I mean, those fire-fighters are, after all, men in uniform, aren't they?....................Oh, and P.S., before you even think about putting these chaps into that far-left loony category of yours, please be warned, nearly 40% of THEIR campaign contributions over the years have gone to Republican candidates. No Kool-Aid drinkers here, me-bucko.

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