Thursday, August 30, 2007

Illegal Refugees

How 'bout this for a deal, Bill? For every 10,000 stories you do on illegal aliens committing crimes in this country, you do one (yeah, that's right, one) story on the two MILLION Iraqi refugees that have been forced to flee THEIR country....because of President Bush's war. Of course, to make it seem even more pertinent, you also might want your viewers to know that, of this group, 100,000 of these refugees had been coalition collaborators....and that because of this they've been especially ear-marked by insurgents and, yes, would in fact be killed if they ever returned to Iraq. I mean, seriously, don't you think your viewers would appreciate hearing this story - you know, being that they probably haven't heard it elsewhere, FOX News, fair and balanced-wise, I'm saying?....................Oh, and, yes, you also might want to tell them that only a couple hundred of these 100,000 brave collaborators have even been considered for U.S. citizenship. Yeah, that's right, I'm saying, after they've risked their lives to help us, we've been letting them rot in refugee camps in Syria and Jordan. I mean, talk about a story that could potentially boost your ratings there fella' this, though, yes, it might as an off-shoot embarrass Bush a tad. Hmm, oh well, weigh it all out and get back to me, O.K.?

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