Saturday, August 4, 2007

Catastrophic Setback

Did you catch it the other night, folks? O'Reilly (Mr. Number-one in the ratings himself), because of the bridge in Minnesota collapsing, GETS PREEMPTED!! Man, he must have been way-pissed. An entire evening, I'm saying, without being able to spew his venomous, hackneyed, categorically-driven view-points/ access the mediocre masses of this scapegoat-hungry culture of ours. "Damn that frigging bridge", he and his minions/ brethren - they had to have been cussing over at FOX...................Of course, it also must be stated that him having the night off also bought the son-of-a-bitch some time to ponder. I mean, he is (isn't he?) going to have to come up with some sort of explanation for WHY the bridge collapsed. "Secular progressives", perhaps, trying to ruin the country, put it on it's boom-boom, etc.. Investigative journalism, FOX style, in other words...................P.S. I'm sorry if this sounds too irreverent but, really, the guy deserves it. He is absolutely shameless and needs to be countered - the more, the merrier in fact.

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