Tuesday, September 17, 2019

On the Fact that if You Reside In a Country In Which Transgender Bathroom Rights Are Amongst the More Contentious Issues, You're Probably In Pretty Decent Shape and May In Fact Even Be a Wee-Bit Pampered, I'M JUST SAYIN'!!

 Yeah, there are just too many people in this country and in Europe who have no idea what's it's like to live in a non-Western region of the world and because of this they literally have to look everywhere that they can to find stuff to complain about. Of course while this bullshit is going on, the country as a whole is cratering (insane levels of debt, unending third-world migration, moral decay, etc.), choking on political correctness, etc. to the point where the only way out might be a peaceful separation. Sadly but, yeah.

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