Tuesday, August 6, 2019

On the Fact that Instead of Teaching Young People to Be Financially Adept Human Beings, We're Subsidizing Them Towards Worthless Degrees In Buffoonish Majors and Saddling Them with Tens of Thousands of Dollars In Debt and an Extreme Level of Self-Hatred (this While the Works of Twain, Milton, Cicero, and Plato Continue to Collect Cobwebs In the Library)

Yeah, unless you plan to major in one of the STEM fields, college is probably not a good idea. I would say either look at one of the technical schools or try and secure an apprenticeship. I mean, you can always learn about the liberal arts later through various online programs or even on your own (with the added bonus of zero indoctrination). Why go into debt over it?

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