Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Science Reporter, Matt Ridley) if the Planet's Demand for Energy Continues to Grow at its Present Rate AND We Decided to Go Strictly with Wind Energy, the World Would Have to Build 350,000 New Wind Turbines Every Year, a Task that Would Require Millions of Tons of Steel, Copper, Concrete, Petroleum-Based Composites, and Neodymium

Needless to say, this is neither green NOR sustainable and unless we have an honest, factual conversation on this shit (which of course means putting idiots like Bernie Sanders, that idiot socialist bimbo from New York, etc. off to the side and bringing the serious people in), the world will descend not just into lunacy but perpetual poverty and maybe even human extinction. Have a nice night.  

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