Tuesday, August 1, 2017

On the Fact that the Lighthouse of Alexandria Was Constructed During the Third Century B.C., Well Before the Islamic Conquest of Egypt, and Yet it Is Still Cited In that Retarded and Revisionist Piece of Political Correctness/Propaganda, "1001 Inventions", as One of the Stellar Accomplishments of the So-Called Islamic Golden Age

And this is pretty much how the whole thing proceeds (taking something that either the prior culture or the dhimmis developed and claiming it as their own; their co-opting of Visigoth architecture in Spain, for example). The fact of the matter is that there never was a true Islamic golden age in that even the few developments that did take place weren't utilized to their utmost until the da Vincis, Newtons, and Galileos came along absent the shackles of the Koran. And does it even pass the smell test, folks; this whole notion of a paradigm that even today eschews rudimentary openness being a beacon of enlightenment A THOUSAND YEARS AGO??? Come on, people.

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