Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On the Fact that Communist Party Honcho, John Bachtell, Stated Back in February that He Would Support Hillary Clinton for President if Bernie Sanders Didn't Get the Democratic Nomination - - Quick Addendum

And what do you say that we do a little calculation here? Yes, the KKK did lynch black people (white people, too, but nobody cares about them; the fact that lynching was just as much a form of vigilante justice as it was a product of straight-up racism) but we're talking 4 to 5,000 here, Yeah, that's a lot but when you compare it to Marxism, a philosophy that has slaughtered somewhere between 85 and 100 MILLION, I don't know, folks, it seems to me that Trump isn't the only person who needs to do some "repudiating", "disavowing", "distancing", etc.. 

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