Saturday, October 8, 2016

On the Fact that Mrs. Clinton has a Foreign Policy Record that Any Sane, Peace-Loving Progressive Should Be Aghast at, but Because She Has a D in Front of Her Name and Is Currently Running Against the Retrobate and Buffoonish Trump, Partisan Miscreants Like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes (Still Not Convinced that They Aren't the Same Person) Are Constantly Trying to Portray Her as Some Great Stateswoman

This is exactly why I hate this election (and politics in general). The fact of the matter is that we have two absolutely hideous choices to select from and to constantly hear people like Maddow and Hayes on the left and Hannity and Bolling on the right try and convince us that this is somehow an easy choice is both nauseating and despicable. Yes, if you want to vote for Clinton to stop Trump (or vice versa), that's fine, knock yourself out but don't a) lie to your viewers or b) act like a fucking lunatic who can only be subdued by a straitjacket and 20, 30 milligrams of that that makes us all pretty nervous.

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