Friday, October 21, 2016

On Ana Rodriguez, Miriam Ortega, Isabel Tejera, Nelly Rojas, Olga Morgan, Georgina Cid, Caridad Roque, Sara Del Toro, Mercedes Pena, Aida Diaz Morejon, Agata Villarquide, Alicia Del Busto, and Albertina O'Farrill

Yeah, this is just a small sample of the thousands and thousands of women who were jailed and tortured for years by the Castro regime and I'll bet that 99% of you haven't heard of one of them. They've certainly never appeared on Oprah, Katie Couric's show, or The View and why is that? I mean, I understand that the media has a left-leaning bias and all but to not cover the imprisonment and torture of women seems unconscionable to me. 

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