Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Hyper-Racial Consciousness

It has delivered hell every single time; in Argentina when the government officially put Jews and Italians into the "undesirable" category, in Sri Lanka when the Tamils and Sinhalese ultimately decided to emphasize their ethnicity, in Nigeria when (after the British left) the Hausa-Fulani started expelling Ibos simply because they were out-competing them, in Malaysia when the Malays imposed affirmative action against the Chinese because the Chinese (despite starting off far behind) were kicking their butts educationally and economically, in America when the federal government (under Presidents Johnson and Nixon) instituted preferential policies which alienated whites and seriously harmed blacks, in Russia when the Communists ethnically cleansed the Volga Germans out of some paranoiac fear of Nazi collaboration, etc.. WE'RE ALL FUCKING HUMANS, PEOPLE, and the sooner that we get rid of these damned hyphens the better.

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