Saturday, November 14, 2015

Note to Senator Rubio

You are ignorant of history, son. The conservative movement in America has never been about foreign interventionism. From Robert Taft to Grover Cleveland (the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats), Herbert Hoover, Hamilton Fish the third, General Robert Wood, George Holden Tinkham, Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Murray Rothbard, Felix Morely, James McClellan, Robert Nisbet, and Frank Kellogg - all of these guys and many more (conservatives in government, the military, academia, the press, etc.) were opposed to American involvement in foreign wars and they weren't even remotely the exception (this while the left was blowing shit up and intervening everywhere; Europe, Asia, Central America, etc.). My suggestion is that you open up a few history volumes and stop listening to Charles Krauthammer, reading the Wall Street Journal, etc..

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