Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On Why the Climate Models Were So Inaccurate

It was because they were based on two equally erroneous assumptions; a) that the climate is inherently stable and b) that the major driver of climate change is CO2 - assumptions that even a second year earth science student should have been able to detect were absurd but which the well-connected ruling class utterly failed to.


dmarks said...

Isn't that a lot like creationism? Falsehoods sold on faith.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Interesting comparison. I would probably have to say that creationism is stupider but that AGW has probably done more damage in terms of bleeding the treasury, spiking up the cost of energy, and keeping the third world destitute.

dmarks said...

Yeah, you'd be hard pressed to find any such damage from "scientific" creationism.

As for the damage from faith-based belief in global warming, we've discussed this before... that it has probably caused the deaths of large numbers of people, as well as what you have described. A certain percentage in the death tolls from hunger and famine in the period since this hoax started to influence public policy.

People dying from food prices going up when the prices didn't have to go up at all.

Due to the price hikes in food staples due to "biofuels" crap.

" third world destitute."

Just more hatred of foreigners by the American hard left. Similar to their opposition to free trade, which is a carry-over of ages-old hatred of brown-skinned yellow. etc people "stealing" jobs.