Saturday, April 19, 2014

On Moses (Charlton Heston) Making Out with Queen Nefertiti (Anne Baxter) in "The Ten Commandments"

Is that in the Bible?


Rusty Shackelford said...

.....thou shall not over act.....

I wonder if they had to pry her out of his hands?

BB-Idaho said...

The bible places the Exodus in
1446BCE (based on some 480+ years before the Temple of Solomon. That is roughly 4-5 generations prior to Nefertiti,
wife of Akenhaton. (1370-1330BCE) Archeological evidence is scant to non-existent; some placing Moses, based on the earliest Hebrew finds in Palestine
abound 1250-1200BCE (5-6 generations after Nefertiti.
So, we can't be sure, and it
can be a can of worms for those
that study such things. Just to
be on the safe side, I'll go along with Anne and Charleton.

Rational Nation USA said...

That's the G rated version. They left the real good stuff out. :-)