Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clearing the Field, Emptying the Bank

The estate tax is so nasty in Rhode Island that a large chunk of its over 65 population is moving out of the state. But before you just assume here that this is some short-sighted strategy that essentially defeats the whole purpose, think again. Some people/Rhode Islanders (and, yeah, it might be a trifle paranoiac in that it seemingly gives these idiotic politicians a little too much credit) think that this is exactly what the politicians are trying to do. The thinking here is that with a lot of these successful retirees moving out, so, too,  the possible competition for key political posts and the same old shlupps and bozos can keep on getting elected. It's brilliant! If true.


BB-Idaho said...

I guess they're headed for Hawaii & North Carolina with their $5 million exemption?

BB-Idaho said...

On the other hand, a couple dozen tax lawyers can keep it from the grasping paws of guv't, and direct it into the grasping paws of your heirs
(and a couple dozen tax lawyers)