Monday, November 25, 2013

Immigration and the Myth of Plummeting Wages, Addendum

And it isn't as if Borjas is the only or definitive researcher on the subject. Ottaviano and Peri from UC-Davis came out with an even more expansive analysis on the subject and they concluded that a) immigration actually has a positive long-term effect on overall wages and b) even the long-term effect on high school dropouts is significantly less than the 4.8% that Borjas came up with (the fact that even amongst these low-skilled populations there exists a difference in the type of jobs that the two demographics gravitate to; native born workers going more for jobs that require language while immigrants tending to go more for physical labor)....Immigration, folks, it's what made the United States not just great but uniquely great and in my opinion we gotta get back to it (protestations from the hard-right and hard-left, notwithstanding).

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