Thursday, March 7, 2013

On Radical Environmentalists

They're pro-crony-capitaism, pro-poverty, anti-science (they obviously haven't crunched the numbers pertaining to power density, energy density, scale, and cost), and a lot of their "solutions' aren't even very good for the environment (ethanol, biomass, and wind, in particular)....The truth? I'm really beginning to think that they should start their own country somewhere, where a) their homes and hospitals are powered strictly by windmills (with zero fossil backup) and solar panels and b) their autos can only be run on ethanol (they of course won't have any food left because the land will all be used up by growing corn and switchgrass to make the shit) and batteries that can only be charged by windmills (again, with zero fossil backup) and solar panels. You see, that way they could have their own little nirvana and when the rest of see just how "wonderful" it is (becoming enlightened, obviously), we can do it, too


dmarks said...

Not just that, they are pro-socialist and pro-fascist (as there is such overlap between the two), favoring much much more top down and regimented central government control, ownership of means of production by ruling elites, consolidation and centralization, and a lot more harsh punishment visited by government against citizens.

Have you ever heard of them advocating smaller government and more liberties for individuals? Of course not.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I have no problem with those 2 add-ons; 50% of the country being covered with corn, switchgrass (both of which emit far more CO2 than oil or natural gas), windmills, and wind farms - I can literally see it now.