Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On Hurrican Katrina Being Proof for Anthropogenic Global Warming

Hurricane Katrina was a category 3 hurricane. The only reason that it did such huge damage was because those idiots down there a) didn't properly maintain the levies and b) totally eviscerated the wetlands to the point of total uselessness (the wetlands potentially being a buffer-zone against such hurricanes). Had those two factors NOT been the case....Of course, you also really have to wonder about the wisdom of building such a huge city a) under sea level and b) smack dab in the middle of the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Pontchartrain. The idiots who came up with that cockamamie idea (the French Mississippi Company, 1718) are probably culpable, too.


dmarks said...

I have seen "Anthropogenic Global Warming" blamed for asteroids and earthquakes. Seriously.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm not an expert but I would probably say that plate tectonics and cosmic factors influence climate change and not vice versa.