Sunday, March 3, 2013

Note to Elizabeth Warren (And, Really, Massachusetts?)

Yes, madam Senator, there ARE impediments to small businesses. But they've mostly been manufactured by people like you. Don't believe me? Hm, well then maybe you'll believe the Small Business Administration. According to those folks, small business owners pay on the average 40% more (per employee; $10,585 to $7,755) for regulatory compliance than do larger businesses................................................................................And so, yeah, my question here is, have you ever even once considered that maybe, JUST MAYBE, by streamlining some of this mess (and, yes, this includes the exorbitantly high cost of licensing) and being a little bit more business friendly, you would actually be helping these folks (big businesses can afford to hire high priced attorneys to help them with this - small businesses can't)? I mean, I know that you think that more government is ALWAYS the answer and all, but maybe just on this one lone thing, OK?


dmarks said...

Yes, Warren is pretty bad on when it comes to this. Her policies harm the middle class and discourage employers (job creators). Of course, some think that small business owners are 'plutocrats' and want them punished and persecuted. This is the case if Warren wants to increase the minimum wage.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

She went in front of the American people at the DNC and told them that the system was rigged. What an absolutely horrible message to tell the folks; a system in which 58% of the people in the bottom quintile are out of it in less than a decade, a system in which the top 1% changes almost as much, a system in which 70% of the Forbes richest 400 are totally self-made, a system in which 4-5 kids with a computer can literally make a million bucks in less than a year. I mean, why does Mrs. Warren think that people are willing to risk swimming with the sharks to get here?

Rusty Shackelford said...

Is this the Indian chick?