Friday, November 19, 2010

Miscellaneous 40

1) No offense to Mr. Bush, but don't you think that it would have been far better for him (not to mention the country) had he, rather than seeking his foreign policy advice from a supposed "higher father", learned the difference between a Sunni and a Shia first? I'm just asking here.............2) And while we're at it, what about those WMD? Why didn't this higher power tell the former President that there wasn't any? That's a little something else that needs to be answered.............3) To those of you out there who think that the right has overreacted to the civilian trial/verdict of Mr. Ghailani, I'd probably have to agree with you. I mean, the guy did get 20 years and maybe life. But I can also understand the consternation to this degree. The guy, in addition to his being found guilty on that one conspiracy charge, was also exonerated on the other 280-something other charges. I can absolutely see how that might stick in the craw of certain people; the victims, especially (those folks undoubtedly having an interest beyond the number of years).............4) And on this same topic, I have another question. If, as Mr. Olbermann and others have pointed out recently, this Ghailani character WOULD NOT have been released had in fact a "not guilty" verdict been rendered, then what, pray tell, was the trial itself for? Was it just a show? I don't get it.............5) Speaking of terrorist trials, it appears as if Mr. Obama has decided to kick the KSM one down the road for a while. Hm, could it be that the President is afraid of offending somebody (the right if he decides to have a civilian trial in New York City, the left if he opts instead for a military one)? I mean, that's what it looks like to me.............6) And, yes, folks, that's exactly why I like Mayor Bloomberg. That frigging guy doesn't give a shit! He'll do/say whatever he thinks is right and the hell with these opinion polls....Well, that and Mr. Hannity doesn't like him.


LORD TRUTH 101 said...

Well Will. At least Bush knew who made up his base and he pandered to it. Framing stuff as the work of a "higher power" is just such an instance.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I hadn't thought of that, Truth. That whole "man of God" thing itself could have been a political tactic. Mr. Rove, perhaps.

Beach Bum said...

I strongly resist the urge to go all conspirtorial but the Iraq War was never about WMD's.

I have flipped a couple of times on civilian trials for terrorists and I am pretty much staying on the side they need to be done with military tribunals, but with all civil trial protections. That issue is one that makes me thank my lucky stars I have no way of screwing that one up. All options are bad.

I could spend this time talking trash about Hannity but all I will say is I hope Bloomberg runs for president. Although the country is too stupid and polarized to actually vote him in office.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I go back and forth on Bloomberg running. Part of me definitely wants to see it. But when I think about how daunting it is....I mean, even if he wins the popular AND electoral vote, the odds of him getting to the magic 270 (in a 3-way race) are probably nil. And if in fact that's the case, it'll get thrown back into the House where a Republican majority would no doubt elect the Republican. Can you say President Sarah Palin?