Friday, November 5, 2010

Miscellaneous 37

1) Michele Bachman, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and, yes, a whole host of others, have recently hit the airwaves with this little ditty. They're claiming that President Obama's upcoming trip to Asia will ultimately cost the American tax-payers 200 million dollars PER DAY....Seriously, folks, this is what they're saying (now, please, keep in mind here, President Obama's 30,000 soldier troop surge in Afghanistan is "only" costing the tax-payers 82 billion a day - the "Christin Science Monitor"). Hm, it kinda sounds like bullshit, doesn't it?............2) Add me to the list of people who's really starting to like Meghan McCain. I mean, sure, she does sound a little like a "Valley Girl" and all but, damn it, I really am starting to like that spunkiness (I, of course, especially liked it when she took on Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham SIMULTANEOUSLY!)....While this is probably not a fair and/or apt analogy (this, in that the woman is still quite young and inexperienced), the way that this McCain has taken on the right-wing of today's Republican party/movement, to me anyway, seems at least somewhat reminiscent of the way that Margaret Chase Smith took on Joe McCarthy in the 50s/Lowell Weicker took on the Nixon administration during Watergate. One, me-buckos, can only hope that this is a portent of more good things to come.............3) Fox's election coverage was obviously biased. Yes, they did have more than the one (nominally) liberal commentator, Ed Schoen (so, yeah, you're right, Mr. O'Reilly, Dana Milbank in fact DID lie about that) but, still, it wasn't nearly enough. a) They continued to have far more conservative commentators. b) The liberals/Democrats that they did have on were either pseudo-liberals (Schoen and Pat Caddell) and/or ineffectual (Alan Colmes, Kirsten Powers). c) The narrative was continuously one of always having the Dems on the defensive....But, yes, I'm telling you here, as bad as it was over at Fox, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as that absolute stench that their competition, MSNBC, had. That network, folks, featured 6 of their most virulently partisan ramrods (Olbermann, Schultz, Maddow, Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Eugene Robinson), not only doing the commentary but the moderation part as well....Worse than even that, though, they had ZERO conservatives on - no fairness/balance whatsoever. Bottom line, it had to be one of the all-time worst displays of propaganda journalism ever. Whoever the person in charge of that network is should be deeply ashamed.


Beach Bum said...

You are forgetting about Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough who are on MSNBC daily. Joe and Pat represent the conservative viewpoint and they have a steady stream of guest conservatives to push that side.

I actually do watch Fox some and other than Allen Combs, who is treated like a bitch, I see nothing there being "fair and balanced."

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I don't defend Fox at all, double b. They're extremely biased (especially in prime time and during that idiotic morning show). And you're right about MSNBC - IN THE DAY TIME. Prime time is an entirely different matter. From 5PM to 2AM, it's pure hyperpartisan mayhem (Matthews occasionally being fair).

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

I don't really care for Chris Matthews, he's too centrist... which means he thinks he needs to agree with the Conservatives some of the time. And he's the one who has on Buchanan as a frequent guest.

I like the lineup... although perhaps they could flip Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews. Ed is on to early and I prefer him to Matthews.

"Deeply ashamed" for developing a strategy wherein they provide a liberal alternative to Fox News. WHY?! They are offering something you can't get on the other networks... this is what is called a "marketing strategy".

It's just what I -- and hundreds of thousands of like-minded people -- are looking for. I don't think they should be "ashamed" for appealing to my demo -- I appreciate it and am a loyal viewer as a result.

That will change right quick if Keith doesn't come back soon, however.